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TV ACTRESS | Reena Kapoor opens up about her passion for harmonium

Sarika Thakur | Updated on Monday, January 16, 2023 11:34 AM IST
Reena Kapoor opens up about her passion for harmonium

MUMBAI: TV actress Reena Kapoor, who is currently seen playing the role of a widow in the show 'Aashao Ka Savera...Dheere Dheere Se' talks about her love for music and how she desires to excel in playing the harmonium.

She said: "I used to attend a lot of satsangs of my guruji where a lot of singers from different locations used to come and sing, and I used to adore listening to those bhajans and always wished that if I could ever sing and play the harmonium like the people who used to play at the there."

"Luckily one day, my guruji bought me a harmonium after learning about my desire to play it and urged me to practice at home. But even after months of practice, I couldn't get the knack of it, then one day, when I revisited my guruji's ashram, I met a girl who had been singing and playing harmonium since she was three years old; and she was so good at the craft that it motivated me and it inspired and encouraged me to learn with all my heart," she added.

The actress has been part of the TV shows such as 'Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki', 'Vishnu Puran', 'Jai Ganga Maiya', and many more. Currently, she is playing a widow in 'Aashao Ka Savera..', who is not getting any support from anyone in her family but still without losing any hope in living her life and working for her survival.

'Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki' actress shared further that she makes sure to take out time for her passion and put all her efforts into learning the craft of playing a harmonium.

"Although I still practice playing harmonium, whenever I get the time and in order to convey my love for music and to sync with the rhythm of the music I chant bhajans while playing the harmonium," she concluded.

'Aashao Ka SaveraaDheere Dheere Se' airs on Star Bharat.