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TV ACTRESS | Learning Tandav in four hours is a challenge for Neeharika, Sambhabana

SARIKA THAKUR | Updated on Friday, February 24, 2023 17:10 PM IST
Learning Tandav in four hours is a challenge for Neeharika, Sambhabana

MUMBAI: TV actress Neeharika Roy shared how challenging it was for her to learn the divine dance form, Tandava along with her co-actor Sambhabana Mohanty in a span of 4 hours.

She said: "Although I love dancing, I got nervous after getting to know that I have to perform the divine art form 'Tandav'. I am a classical dancer, but this is the first time I have performed Tandav, and the most difficult part is that I performed with my co-star Sambhabana."

Neeharika is currently seen playing Radha in the show, who is an optimistic girl and is shown in love with Mohan, played by Shabir Ahluwalia, added that although on-screen she doesn't have good terms with Sambhabana's character, Damini. But off screen, they share a very friendly bond.

"On screen, we are always fighting but off screen we are really good friends and coordinating with her wasn't difficult at all. We both practiced for almost 4 hours before going for the final take. Everyone on set really appreciated our performance and I just hope viewers love it too," added Neeharika.

Sambhabana also mentioned that Tandav is an intense dance form and needs lots of energy and strength to perform.

"For a non-dancer like me, it was very difficult to dance with those very heavy ghungroo (anklets), but Neeharika really motivated me. In fact, during the shoot, I happened to injure myself because I stepped on a piece of ghungroo, but that didn't stop me from dancing. And now, I can't wait to hear the feedback from our viewers on this sequence, I hope they will like it," she wrapped up.