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POPULAR TV ACTRESS | Kamya Panjabi wants to challenge stereotypes, 'redefine witches' on screen

SARIKA THAKUR | Updated on Friday, February 24, 2023 12:55 PM IST
Kamya Panjabi wants to challenge stereotypes, 'redefine witches' on screen

MUMBAI: Popular TV actress Kamya Panjabi, who is seen playing a witch, Mantralekha in the fantasy drama 'Raazz Mahal', said that she doesn't want to copy anyone, but rather redefine the way witches have been portrayed on screen.

She said: "When I was offered the role of Mantralekha, I knew I wanted to challenge the common stereotypes of a chudail or dayan on screen. Usually, witches are seen screaming or crying loudly, but I categorically refused to follow the age-old norm, as I wanted to break through the barriers and add my personal touch to the character."

Kamya, who has done a number of TV shows, reality shows such as 'Bigg Boss 7' and movies like 'Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai', 'Koi... Mil Gaya' and others, shared further about playing an antagonist in the show and the way she is trying to make it look different from the way witches are portrayed previously.

"I did not take inspiration from other characters as I don't want to copy anyone else, but I approached the character with fresh perspective and creativity. I believe in pushing the boundaries, and each day I'm working towards portraying Mantralekha differently," she added.

At last, she concluded: "I am excited to give a glamorous twist to this traditionally feared character and redefine chudails and dayans (witches) on screen. It's time to witness a never-before-seen era of witches specially created by Kamya Panjabi."