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-On The Kapil Sharma Show, Director Amar Kaushik revelas how actor Varun Dhawan bagged the role in Bhediya

-Updated on Saturday, November 19, 2022 13:54 PM IST
On The Kapil Sharma Show, Director Amar Kaushik revelas how actor Varun Dhawan bagged the role in Bhediya

MUMBAI: This weekend, Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show promises a perfect entertainment extravaganza as the show will be hosting the massy entertainer Varun Dhawan and the stunning Kriti Sanon along with their co-stars Abhishek Banerjee, Deepak Dobriyal and Director Amar Kaushik who will be seen promoting their upcoming horror comedy film, ‘Bhediya’.

Amidst the many tales recounted by the starcast, director Amar Kaushik will go on to reveal how he thought of casting Varun Dhawan for the role of a werewolf in Bhediya.

In a candid conversation host Kapil Sharma, would ask Amar how he approached Varun with the script. Amar shares, “Varun himself came to me and told me that he wants to be a Bhediya. The moment he said this I was like you are too cute and don’t look like a Bhediya. Listening to this Varun literally enacted like a Bhediya which blew my mind and that is how we got our Bhediya.”

Adding on to this Varun and the other actors will reveal interesting moments from the set and talk about how for this film the director was more energetic then all of us; praising Amar Kaushik.

Furthermore, Amar will also go on to share how his family thinks that he has achieved something big as he is finally appearing on The Kapil Sharma Show. Amar shares, “My father is here (in Mumbai) and wanted to visit The Kapil Sharma Show but I was like I’m visiting the show for the first time. My dad was like you have finally made a film as you are invited on the show (laughs). More than me my sister who stays in Canada could not contain her excitement and told my dad ‘Papa, Amar is going on Kapil’s show. Somewhere I was feeling my appearance on the show is more talked about than my film.”

The lead actors Varun and Kriti will go on to share how Amar had declined to be a part of other promotional activities but was excited to appear on this show and left his editing work for the same.

Tune into The Kapil Sharma Show this Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television