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DIRECTOR AND ACTOR | Pradeep Ranganathan on success of 'Love Today': Is it happening for real?

Sarika Thakur | Updated on Wednesday, November 09, 2022 11:59 AM IST
Pradeep Ranganathan on success of 'Love Today': Is it happening for real?

CHENNAI: Director and actor Pradeep Ranganathan, whose just released Tamil film 'Love Today' has emerged a superhit, has been overwhelmed by the love the audience has been showering on him and his film.

The young director, who also turned an actor with this film, has now put out a statement expressing his gratitude to the audience.

Pradeep said, "Is it really happening? Are the things I'm hearing and seeing real? The number of shows, midnight shows, occupancy, demand gets higher day-by-day."

Stating that he had seen noon shows going houseful on Monday, the director-actor said, "The families and repeat audience have started coming in. The response has been the same out of Tamil Nadu too (Bangalore, Kerala, Malaysia etc)."

"I'm no star, I'm just one among you and the love you have showered on me is immense. I trusted you and you didn't let me down. On the other hand, you just put me on cloud nine. Trust works as I said. Thank you. Thank you for trusting me AGS Entertainment, Kalpathi S. Aghoram sir.

"I'm seeing you laughing and celebrating at theatres standing at a corner, the doors near the screen, which gives me the most happiness. The happiness on your face is my happiness and this is what I wanted, the sound in theatres and the happy faces. Thank you.

"I see you loving me, caring for me, supporting me. I just want to let you know I love you too and love you more. Lots of love, Pradeep Ranganathan."