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SINGER-SONGWRITER | Sam Smith, Kim Petras put up an 'Unholy' performance at the Grammys

Sarika Thakur | Updated on Monday, February 06, 2023 10:50 AM IST
Sam Smith, Kim Petras put up an 'Unholy' performance at the Grammys

LOS ANGELES: English singer-songwriter Sam Smith outdid the recent 'Saturday Night Live' performance with 'Unholy' collaborator Kim Petras in a horror movie-inspired performance of the smash hit.

Smith started the song in red leather, surrounding a fleet of dancers that evoked Samara from 'The Ring' before cutting to Petras dancing in a cage, flanked by some dominatrices wearing satanic headgear. Smith also donned a satanic top hat, as huge flames heated up the stage, reports Variety.

Smith and Petras won the Grammy for best pop duo/group performance and Petras gave an emotional speech.

"Sam graciously wanted me to accept this award because I'm the first transgender woman to win this award," she said, to cheers and many musicians in the crowd giving her a standing ovation.

She further mentioned, quoted by Variety: "I just want to thank all of the incredible transgender legends who kicked these doors open before me so I could be here tonight. Sophie, my friend who passed away two years ago, who told me this would happen and always believed in me."

"Thank you so much for your inspiration, Sophie. I adore you, and your inspiration will forever be in my music," she added.