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Wildlife Photographer | Actress-wildlife photographer Sadaa poses with panther named Shyama

Sarika Thakur | Updated on Thursday, August 25, 2022 16:17 PM IST
Actress-wildlife photographer Sadaa poses with panther named Shyama

CHENNAI: Actress Sadaa, who has been part of several blockbuster films in Tamil and Telugu, has now also turned into an avid wildlife photographer.

The actress, who has played the female lead in several blockbusters including Vikram-starrer 'Anniyan', 'Unnale Unnale' and 'Jayam', recently put out on Instagram, pictures of a black panther she had shot in Pench, Madhya Pradesh.

Posting her pictures of the panther called Shyama, the actress said, "She is young, she is bold, she is curious and playful, none other than the young beauty of Pench, Shyama, who's taken the wildlife enthusiasts' world by storm.

"She was seen an evening before I reached Pench last time on August 12. Just a couple of days after I finished my trip of four dry safaris and headed back home, she was sighted again.

"I fell in love almost instantly seeing her images. I have always had a softer corner for black cats, big or small, but there was no way I was going to travel back.

"By then she was being seen in almost every safari. I was resisting the temptation so hard until Dr Priyansha called me late night saying, "Come if you can". In spite of having a work schedule a day later in Hyderabad, I still decided to take the first flight to see this beauty. Never have I done anything as insane as this. But it was so well worth it!